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Hatsan BLITZ (22) Full Auto Rifle (Full Review) 1000 RPM

23 August 2020 / 1908 views / Airgun Channel

23rd Aug 2020
The Hatsan BLITZ is a fully automatic PCP rifle that is capable of firing a .22 caliber pellet or slug at 1000 rounds per minute with the same energy as a 22LR long rifle bullet. Also available in .25 and .30 caliber. Legal anywhere, and for anyone: the Hatsan BLITZ puts the power of select fire hell fire into the hands of the common man. With a friendly price under $1000, this is a full auto rifle that the average person can actually buy! With cheapest full auto firearm, an NFA legal Cobray M11, selling for around $10,000, you won't put your hands on a full auto experience like this for less than that! The 1000 rounds per minute rate of fire becomes a useful tool for hunting and target shooting when used in short burst. How fast can you pull the trigger and let it go? I'll bet you can't fire under 10 shots, no matter how fast you are! This intense Hatsan BLITZ review shows the Hatsan Blitz full auto air rifle up close and also includes plenty of fully automatic target shooting, plinking, and can hunting! This Hatsan Blitz review video will also show you essential things you need to know in order to maintain and operate your rifle in fully automatic mode. Enjoy and thanks for watching! -Nate

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