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GAMO Swarm Maxxim (Accuracy Testing @ 35yd & 50yd) 10 Shot Break Barrel Air Rifle

23 July 2018 / 201 views / Airgun Channel

July 23rd 2018 This is the second Gamo Swarm Maxxim multi shot break barrel air rifle review. This air gun review video shows the Gamo Swarm air rifle accuracy at 25 yards, 35 yards, and 50 yards. I also do some Field Target shooting with the Swam Maxxim and hit bulls eyes square in the center at 50 yards away! Great air rifle! (Thanks for watching! Here are my AFFILIATE links if you shop at PYRAMID AIR for pellets and other gear...I will get up to 6% of the sale. Thanks for watching! -Nate My AFFILIATE LINKS: * PYRAMYD AIR: * Airgun Depot AFFILIATE LINK: Coming Soon! * AMAZON AFFILIATE LINK: * EBAY AFFILIATE LINK: Want to spend more? Check out the Weihrauch HW97 underlever spring rifle review here: Can't get enough of the Gamo Swarm air rifle? Here is Part 1 of my Gamo Swarm Maxxim review: STUFF IN THIS VIDEO: * Halo 450XL Range Finder (Now $75!): * .177 caliber Pellet Sizer: * Pull Reset Drop Shot Deer Target: * Auto Reset Bunny and Boar Targets: * Zombie Knock Down Target: * Knock Down Bunny Targets: * GAMO Racing Dual Target: * 50 Yard Spinners: * GAMO Swarm Maxxim Air Rifle: * EunJin 16 grain Heavy Pellets (Buy 3 get one Free): * Caldwell Stinger Rifle Rest: Youtube's Airgun Channel offers quick and easy tips on Airgunning, Target Shooting and more. Informative videos on the latest PCP Rifles, Pellet Guns, Air Pistols, and BB Guns. Reviews of your favorite Air Guns and where to buy them at the best prices. We also like to shoot things in Slow Motion. Please subscribe to our Youtube Airgun Channel for fun, commercial free, videos at least twice a week. You can also find our Youtube channel (and more) anytime by going to ... Follow us on Twitter at and Facebook at Thanks for watching!

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