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About Us & Contact

Airgun Video Community has been designed and provided as a home hub for the airgun community who wish to see the latest reviews/hunting/tips and general videos from the world's top creators.

For too long third party platforms have been restricting viewing and content to participants of this fantastic sport. Thus was launched...

Giles Barry – The Airgun Gear Show

Who started it?

The website has been the baby of Giles Barry – The Airgun Gear Show - for the past 12 months, and this was brought upon after the unfair removal of airgun channels around the world by YouTube.

To be clear on what the idea is, this does not replace YouTube.


Help support creators

Using this site ensures creators can never be deleted. The site is supported by the advertisers from within the airgun industry. Using the advertisers, watching the adverts and purchasing with them directly helps the creators.

The more you watch, the more you reward the advertisers the better the rewards can be in the future for the creators. The site is expensive to run, and requires a full time human to run it, however creators gain a new audience dedicated to airguns, gain exposure to manufacturers and retailers and the industry as a whole.

Giles Barry – The Airgun Gear Show


So if no one advertises, we fail, content slowly dies and we all lose. If YouTube does it again then I can myself say I tried... and yes I have.

But if we grow, the community grows, offers grow, deals come through and everyone has more content to watch, and when YouTube or any other platform does silly things we all have somewhere to go.

So please – tell your shooting buddies - AIRGUN101.COM

Be a part of it

Receive notifications of new content.

Run pre roll – cards and banners – have your own retailer / manufacturer channel

Giles Barry – The Airgun Gear Show

We're not perfect

Yes you will find glitches and things will go wrong. This has been a 12 month planning and building exercise, meeting in different parts of the world, and a creator team in the background working its nuts off, so be nice the site is always developing.

Oh, and if it fails, I lose a lot of money, but I tried. Thank you for your support.